Trying to fathom how a particular piece of User Interface design will actually look on an iPod Touch or iPhone can be difficult - what's really needed is to be able to see the design on the device itself. Since repeated round-trips through Xcode to the device and back can be time-consuming, Fast Fonts aims to provide a better (and somewhat more portable) solution!

Fast Fonts simply lists all installed Font Families, allowing specific variants (bold, italic, etc.) to be chosen by tapping 'Font Name'. When a selection is made, text in the lower half of the screen will update to display the chosen font. This text can be edited by tapping on it; for ease of use, shorter lines are automatically centred whilst longer text is left-justified.

Whilst editing text a toolbar allows all text to be cleared, cleared text to be restored, and for the current settings (text, font, and size) to be saved as the default values which the application will show on launch. At any point after changes have been made, a shake of the device will prompt to restore these settings back to ther last-saved default values. These settings can also be changed from outside of Fast Fonts via Apple the Settings utility, which will contain a Fast Fonts icon. The list of font sizes available to be chosen from (in the range of 6 to 144 points) can also be set in this way.

Please see the API reference guide for details of how to make use the IPC interface, new in release 2.0 of Fast Fonts.

Recent updates:

Version 1.1
  • Rebuilt for iPhone OS 3.0;
  • Redesigned & Improved UI;
  • Added customization & persistent Settings.
Version 2.0
  • General speed and stability enhancements;
  • Added full API to allow Fast Fonts to be used as a generic (unbranded) font selector tool from any application.
Version 2.4
  • Performance improvements;
  • General updates for iOS4+;
  • Added in-App settings;
  • Added (non-intrusive) iAd support!




Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Requires iPhone 3.0 Software Update.