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Fast Fonts

Trying to fathom how a particular piece of User Interface design will actually look on an iPod Touch or iPhone can be difficult - what's really needed is to be able to see the design on the device itself. Since repeated round-trips through Xcode to the device and back can be time-consuming, this application aims to provide a better (and somewhat more portable) answer!

Æther Tool

Æther Tool is a MAC Address (also known as Hardware, Ethernet, or Network Address) lookup tool, allowing detailed manufacturer information to be found for any networked device.

This is invaluable when looking at log files from DHCP servers or wireless access points, where you want to find out what device was responsible for a given entry. As a general tool, it is invaluable for Systems Administrators as well as home users everywhere.

Æther Tool supports both OUI ('Organisationally Unique Identifier') and IAB ('Individual Address Block') registries (e.g. 6- and 9- significant-character addresses), and automatically downloads updates on launch so that it is always up to date with the canonical public registry.